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The printer doesn't work

While Tech Services will not service printers, we can help you assess the problem. If you are not successful in determining the issue, you can submit a Tech Request for assistance.

There are a variety of things to check if the printer is not printing.

·        Ink - are any of the ink containers low or empty? some printers will not work if even one of the containers is empty.

·        Cables and power supply - check to make sure all cables are securely in place.

·        Clear all paper jams and look for any residual paper tears.  Be very careful when clearing a paper jam because you could damage the printer.

·        If it's a network printer, right-click on the printer (within Printers and Faxes), go to Printer Properties and select "Print Test Page." If the printer produces a test page, then it's not a network issue.  If it does not produce a print page, check the network connections.

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