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Can't start your computer? Check the basics

There are a variety of things to check when the computer will not boot up. Checking all the cable and power connections is your first course of action. 

·        Examine the cables, connectors, and power cords to make sure they're plugged in securely. Often times a loose cable or connector (power, network, keyboard, mouse, speaker, monitor cable, etc.) is the cause of the problem.

·        Check to see if the power light on the computer is green. If the power light is green or amber, and the power light on the monitor is green, then submit a Tech Request or call the Help Desk at 337-7165. If the power light on both the monitor and computer are black, then check the power supply.

·        If you're using a power strip or a surge protector, make sure it's on and that it works. Remember that a surge protector may not be working because it is designed to self-destruct when an electric jolt is too much.

·        Try plugging something else directly into the electrical outlet to make sure there is not a power problem.

·        Some Dell OptiPlex computers have a voltage switch on the back.  Look for a red switch near the power supply and make sure that it is switched to ‘115’.

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