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Create a Help Desk ticket

Log in to the new ticket system with your AUSD network username and password. Click on the "New Ticket" tab; Select the "Tech Services" group and populate the ticket request with as much information as possible.

·        Log in to the ticket system with your AUSD network username and password (the one you use to log onto a district computer)

·        To submit a ticket click on the New Ticket tab on the top

·        Select the Group - Tech Services

·        The contact information will auto-populate. If you are entering the ticket for someone else, you will not be able to change the contact name. If you travel between schools, you will be able to change the Location.

·        Select the Category and Category Option that best describes the type of request. (i.e., select the category Software, then the Category Option "Install/Upgrade Microsoft Office"

·        Enter the Room associated with the issue

·        Use the Subject and Note fields to further describe the issue or request. (i.e., Office 2003 and Aeries needs to be updated to the Office 2010)

·        You can add "CC" and/or 'BC" to notify other individuals of the ticket request. A copy of the ticket will be sent to each recipient.

·        You can include attachments like screenshots to help the technician best assess the issue.

·        Once complete, click on Save Changes in the upper part of the screen.

A ticket will automatically generate. When a technician updates the request, you will receive an email with any updates.  You can reply to the email with any comments and/or questions. This will automatically update the ticket and notify the technician.

You can view all your tickets under the "My Ticket' tab - it will appear in the "Owned by Me" tab.



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