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Everything on the screen is frozen and the keyboard and mouse are not responding

Check to make sure that the keyboard and mouse are properly connected. Pressing the Num Lock or Caps Lock keys will quickly tell you if the keyboard is working. When you press either of these keys, check to see if the indicator lock is lit up. 


·        Try tapping on the Num Lock key. It’s located on the right-hand side of the keyboard above the number 7. While tapping the Num Lock key, notice whether or not the Num Lock light goes on and off. If it doesn’t, the computer is completely locked up. You’ll have to reboot/restart the computer. If the light does go off and on, wait a while. The computer may be completing a process.

·        If a software program stops working or freezes up, try pressing Alt +F4 keys to close the window that you are currently in. This can shut down a frozen window and bring the computer back to life. If the keyboard is frozen, you may have to reboot the computer.

·        If the mouse is not responding, check to see if the base of it needs cleaning. Sometimes removing the excess grit off the bottom will allow a smoother glide.



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  • Oct 21, 2019
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