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The computer is on but there is no sound

Is there a speaker icon next to the clock on the taskbar? (It’s in the lower right side of the screen) If you can find it, double click the speaker icon to bring up the audio controls for the computer. See if any of the volume controls have been muted or turned all the way down. Uncheck any Mute boxes that are selected.


·        Check the volume control on your computer. The sound icon will usually be on the taskbar, and you can also access the sound options in the Control Panel.

·        Most media programs (such as iTunes or Windows Media Player*) have a volume control, which will need to be turned up. *Certain DVDs, if played via Media Player, will not emit sound, you need to use different DVD player software.

·        Make sure the speakers are turned on, if using external speakers.

·        Make sure external speakers are connected to the correct audio port or a USB port. If your computer has color-coded ports, the audio output will usually be green.

·        Connect headphones to the correct audio port and determine if sound is audible from the headphones.




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